About Us

Since its beginning in 1971, Information & Quality Healthcare (IQH), an independent, Mississippi, not-for-profit corporation, has secured the trust of the Mississippi health care community as a result of the depth of experience, knowledge and longevity of the staff and its solid base of physician support. IQH has worked in quality improvement under contract with Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) for over 40 years and provided tobacco cessation services since 1999.

IQH has worked with various types of healthcare providers around the state to improve the quality of health care for Medicare beneficiaries. IQH staff has worked with providers to:

  • Improve Cardiac Health and Reduce Cardiac Healthcare Disparities
  • Reduce Disparities in Diabetes Care
  • Improve Prevention Coordination through Meaningful Use of HIT and Collaboration with Regional Extension Centers
  • Reduce Healthcare-Associated Infections in Hospitals
  • Reduce Healthcare-Acquired Conditions in Nursing Homes
  • Promote Effective Communication and Coordination of Care
  • Promote Quality Improvement through Value-Based Payment, Quality Reporting, and the Physician Feedback Reporting Program

In addition to the projects designed to improve care for Medicare beneficiaries, IQH's establishment of the Mississippi Tobacco Quitline 15 years ago targeted the use of tobacco and its negative effects on healthy lifestyles of Mississippians. With tobacco continuing to be the leading cause of preventable death worldwide, IQH's commitment to decreasing tobacco use has resulted in assisting more than 140,000 tobacco users through the quitline programs. IQH's success rates are among the highest in the United States, contributing to healthier and longer lasting lives.

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